Eagles Fan Gets Gifted Super Bowl LII Tickets From Vikings Fan

If you ask any Minnesota Vikings fan, it still stings – a lot. One week, they perform what will forever be known as the “Minneapolis Miracle,” by beating the New Orleans Saints on a last second play. The next thing they know, they are getting knocked out of the playoffs by the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game a week later.

There is no doubt, to be a Vikings fan right now, is a tough task. They say one reaps what they sow, and for one anonymous Vikings fan, that phrase was put into practice in a mighty way this week hoping maybe, just maybe, they will reap a blessing down the line.

Cole Fitzgerald, a 13-year old Eagles fan who has spent years battling cancer, was surprised this week by this anonymous Vikings fans. The man, who resides in Eden Prairie, MN, decided to give up his Super Bowl LII tickets in a generous act of kindness. Cole was in shock when he found out about the gift.

The tickets were won as a part of a package in a raffle, and the entire package is valued at over $13,000. The man who won the tickets told WCCO that he is a die-hard Vikings fan and wanted to give away his tickets – but with a purpose. He was able to find Cole, and knew right away that he was the right one to give them to.

Cole is an eighth grader that has battled neuroblastoma since he was three years old and has also struggled with underdevelopment of his bones. He is now considered to be something that every cancer patient desires to be – a survivor.

Because of his condition most of his life, Cole has never played football. But, he has always had a love for the game. But, he manages his eighth grade football team.

“He does everything from chasing balls for us, to charting plays. He gives the pregame speech in most games,” said his coach.

When Cole was presented with the tickets, he was quite surprised.

“Yo… Oh man… Oh my goodness,” Cole said.

He was also sympathetic to the Vikings fan as well as fans everywhere after how their season ended.

“I want to thank the fan. Sorry for your season. Good luck next year, “ he said into the camera, referencing the anonymous man.

It wasn’t just the random Vikings fan who showed kindness to Cole and his family. Delta Airlines donated flights to Cole to help them get to Minneapolis. Country Inn & Suites at the Mall of America also donated rooms for the family to stay in while here.

Also according to the report, the donor did not want to come forward because “he wanted to do something nice without needing credit.”

For those wondering if there are still good fans around after the questionable acts committed by different fans throughout the playoffs following games, this anonymous donor has answered the question. There are plenty of good people in this world, and maybe that number will continue to grow as stories like this make headlines.

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