Make-A-Wish Recipient Hayden Bradley Skates With The Sharks

Right before the All-Star break, 15-year old Hayden Bradley teamed up with the NHL’s San Jose Sharks. Born with a congenital heart defect, Hayden’s wish through the Make-A-Wish foundation was to be a Shark for a day. The San Jose Sharks, however, had different plans in mind. Upon receiving his contract, Bradley’s learned that following the Sharks home game, he would continue his duties with the team and travel to Anaheim on a road trip, extending his one-day request to three days.

After signing, Bradley met the team, played ping pong, and spoke to the media. Then, it was time to hit the ice:

The next day was game day, and Hayden arrived suit and tie for the event. He geared up, read the starting line-up, and headed out of the shark head for warm-up. He took part in the face-off with Sidney Crosby in the ceremonial puck drop, which was done by his two brothers. After, he headed up to a suite with his heart surgeon to watch the game. Before he knew it, he was off on his road-trip to Anaheim, where he once again read the starting line-up in the locker room and got an interview in the media booth.

The San Jose Sharks Twitter page covered every moment of Bradley’s three days time with the team. During Hayden’s 3-day contract, the Sharks were 2-0-0. We’d like to think that was no coincidence.

Below is incredible video footage of Hayden skating out with the team through the shark head: