Kansas City Chiefs Anthony Sherman Gets Pranked for a Good Cause

This Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Super Bowl LV. Even though it’s the biggest game of the year there aren’t too many big stories due to the heavy COVID protocols. That is until Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman tweeted out:

When you first read the tweet you don’t really think twice about it. It’s just another NFL player doing charity work, right? 

Well, not exactly…. 

Anthony Sherman never sent out that tweet and never planned on giving away his truck for charity. The entire tweet was a prank pulled by former MLB player Adam LaRoche and a couple of Sherman’s teammates. 

A few months ago as a prank, Anthony Sherman put 12,000 Oreos in Adam LaRoche’s truck. This was a harmless prank that Sherman has likely since forgotten. LaRoche never forgot though. What Sherman didn’t know was this prank would set off a domino effect that would eventually lead to him losing his truck in a charity raffle. How? Glad you asked.

Over the next couple of months, Adam LaRoche devised a plan where he would create a website with real donations to help fight off human trafficking. Without Sherman ever knowing, LaRoche made a website allowing anyone who donated at least $10.00 to be entered in a raffle with Anthony’s Sherman truck as the winning prize.

After the website was made, some Kansas City Chiefs teammates got into Sherman’s phone and sent out the Tweet from his Twitter account and a few days later Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes doubled down on this ultimate prank by saying that anyone who donates $3,000 or more will get a signed Patrick Mahomes Jersey.

At this point Anthony Sherman’s hands were tied and he had to accept that this was a real charity. The website has already made over $50,000 worth of donations and has caught many people’s attention.

Sherman has updated the website saying the raffle winner will get a choice between a $40,000 cash prize or Sherman’s customized 2017 F250 truck.

As of right now the donations are well over $50,000 and the deadline for the raffle is February 19th. You can donate right now to fight against human trafficking at E3 Ranch Foundation Inc | Sherm Fights for Freedom Giveaway (e3givesback.org)