Leonard Fournette Gave Away Hilarious Souvenir to First Responder at Recent Car Accident

Most professional athletes have some sort of time written into their contract that they have to spend with fans, events, sponsors, etc. Whether it is an autograph signing, spending time with kids at a hospital or a benefit of some sort, professional athletes do a lot for their communities and for good causes. The majority of them even go beyond their requirements and donate their personal time and financial resources for the greater good. For Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette, he relished an opportunity recently to be a good sport, to give back and ultimately, to surprise a fan in a way no one has ever seen before.

During a week in which his Jaguars are preparing to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for the rights to an AFC championship and bid to Super Bowl LII, Fournette found himself in a bit of a pickle. Fournette was driving his $200,00 Maybach down a highway in Florida on Tuesday when a woman was responsible for rear-ending him. Luckily, there were no significant injuries to report — Jaguars fans can breathe a sigh of relief here. Fournette, who was not the reason for a three car accident, was in fact not all that upset.

After his car was pushed into a third car in front of him by an SUV, Fournette got out of his car to talk things over with a first responder. When he found out said first responder was a Jaguars fan, Fournette decided to do something a little, well let’s say, unorthodox.

Vic Micolucci of WJXT tweeted out a photo apparently depicting a scene from the accident, noting that Fournette was a good sport about the entire situation.

While some fans get photos with their favorite athletes out in public at restaurants, theaters and other various locations, some lucky fans got a photo with Fournette on the side of a highway. The first responder, on the other hand, received an odd parting gift — the damaged bumper from Fournette’s vehicle. He even signed it!

The Florida Highway Patrol’s official Twitter account also took to social media, giving everyone an update.

“Special Thanks to @Jaguars Leonard @_fournette for being a true professional. He took the time to take a photo with boy involved in crash and to thank our trooper for his service. We are glad to hear of no injuries in this crash,” the tweet read.

While Fournette and his teammates prepare to play in the biggest game of their franchise’s young history this coming Sunday, of course there have been several jokes made about this incident. Some fans — not even just Jaguars, but fans in general — have of course played with the idea that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was the driver whom was charged with reckless driving and instigated the crash. Of course this would be an easy out for Jaguars fans, but indeed it was not Belichick — nice try! Fournette should be healthy and ready to rock on Sunday, however, which fans can be excited about.

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