Tiger Woods Gives Back to the Community

Tiger Woods has certainly had his share of spotlight moments over his storied career. These moments have ranged from winning the PGA Player of the Year Award (eleven times!), to multiple, life dramatizing and altering episodes. Unfortunately, some decide to focus on the later but here at Class Act Sports we’re going to focus on the good!

In a recent HBO documentary entitled “TIGER”, Woods was depicted as the PGA bad boy. This documentary paints a very dark side of Tigers’ life but the truth is, Tiger Woods has much to be proud of and has done many positive things for the community at hand. Tiger has some pretty unbelievable achievements outside of his PGA Tour success. Notable achievements include becoming a five-time Masters Champion as well as founding the “TGR Foundation – A Tiger Woods Charity”.

We all make mistakes, Tigers mistakes are simply more polarizing. If anyone has accepted their public scrutiny and made amends for his mistakes, it’s Tiger! He has given back to the game in countless ways by creating opportunities for underprivileged students of the game to simply play and learn the game of golf. Woods has also made major strides with his charity, “The TGR Foundation”. In honor of his late father Earl Woods, Tiger founded the, TGR Foundation, a charitable organization which provides scholarships to those in need. He’s dedicated much of his life and money to improving the health and welfare of children in all over America.

What gets lost in translation is the remarkable way that he has given back to the game (asking for nothing in return) inspiring golfers of all ages to pick of a golf club and give it a try. He’s been known to preach the idea of never giving up, no matter what obstacles you face. Tiger has shown the ultimate level of resilience throughout his career while continuing to give, give, give!

“Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, we see this every day in the work we do,” explained Tiger Woods in a brief interview about his philanthropic endeavors.” Forbes.com by Rahim Kanani

When we look back at the legacy of Tiger Woods, what should we remember the most? Not the scandals and drama, but the unwavering efforts Tiger made to help the disadvantaged, and inspire our youth! 

Tiger Woods TGR foundation official site: https://tgrfoundation.org

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