Genie Bouchard and Super Bowl Bet Guy are Going to the Big Game Together

John Goehrke was once an average guy like most men in the United States — sports fan, social media user and someone who can appreciate a good-looking woman. Well, it turned out that those three qualities came together for one unforgettable and incredibly lucky circumstance involving professional tennis player Genie Bouchard.

Last February, the New England Patriots found themselves down to the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 28-3. The Falcons had put together a dominating performance throughout the majority of the game. It was overwhelming enough for just about every football fan in America to assume it was over — except Goehrke. The University of Missouri student decided he’d show just a hair of faith in the legendary Tom Brady and the Patriots.

When the game seemed all but over, Goehrke took to Twitter to propose an interesting question to Bouchard. She had just tweeted out a pretty confident statement, assuming that the Falcons had wrapped it up. He thought it would be a great idea to ask her out on a date, but only under one condition — the Patriots had to come back and win the game.

Bouchard wasted no time, responding to Goehrke just three minutes after the proposal. To his surprise, she agreed.

As the story goes, Brady and the Patriots would go on to win the game. Fun fact about Goehrke: This was only the second greatest sporting event he had ever witnessed. According to an interview with, Goehrke is an enormous Chicago Cubs fan. Of course, this makes Game 7 of the 2016 World Series his all-time favorite game, regardless of sport.

Bouchard then took to Twitter, yet again, to express her sentiments about the comeback.

“Lesson learned. Never bet against Tom Brady,” wrote Bouchard.

She was a great sport about it, though, and held up her end of the bargain. Her and Goehrke ended up going to a Brooklyn Nets game a little while after the Patriots’ victory, and seemed to enjoy themselves more than most expected. The craziest part, however, is that Bouchard seemed to have more than just a good time. They ended up going on a second date, and even shared photos of them together hanging out on social media.

Now, fast forward to this past week as Super Bowl LII took shape, and Bouchard and Goehrke look like they are about to set forth on yet another date — this time, to watch the Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles. Thanks to a tweet via NFL Canada, it appears the two of them have scored tickets to the big game.

When Bouchard tagged Goehrke in a tweet to notify him, he simply said,

“This keeps getting better. I’m in!”

It looks like Bouchard will have something to take her mind off of her recent defeat at the Australian Open last week. She lost to top ranked Simona Halep, by a score of 6-2, 6-2 on Thursday.

Now, let this serve — no pun intended — as a lesson to all the bachelors out there: Start tweeting more at your favorite female athletes and you never know what may happen.

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