Building the Perfect Daily Fantasy Football Lineup For Week 6

First off, I’d like to apologize for my absence a week ago. I don’t really have any good excuses for not posting a lineup, but considering I’ve only had one week where my lineup went off, I’d say, pretty confidently, you didn’t miss me very much. Good news, though! I’m back and better than ever, ready to show off the skillz. Let’s check out my daily fantasy football Week 4 picks before we get into that. Thankfully, it was much better than Week 3.

The Good

Jared Goff – 18.1
Leonard Fournette – 24.5
DeAndre Hopkins – 29.7
Cameron Brate – 18.0
Keenan Allen – 21.8

The Bad

Christian McCaffery – 8.9
Jarvis Landry – 10.0
Robert Woods – 3.7
Minnesota Vikings DST – 7.0

Depending on which contest you joined, this lineup likely won you a little money. I won my money back, essentially. Fournette was my guarantee and he was in literally every single lineup I entered, which turned out to be a good decision. Woods was as well, which turned out to be a very bad decision. Brate continued the streak for the New York Giants giving up a touchdown to tight ends (which was also extended by Hunter Henry in Week 5). This contest is only good for the Sunday morning and afternoon games, so you’ll have to look elsewhere to find your guaranteed touchdown with the Giants on Sunday Night Football. Let’s get into Week 6 picks

QB — Josh McCown, New York Jets
Salary — $5,200
Matchup — New England Patriots (32nd OPRK)

The Patriots continue to give up the most points to quarterbacks. Even with the Jets struggling on offense at various times this season, I can’t go away from the juicy match up. McCown should be good for two touchdowns at least.

RB — Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints
Salary — $4,500
Matchup — Detroit Lions (12th OPRK)

The Saints traded Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals, a sign they are prepared to go all-in on the Mark Ingram-Kamara duo. Kamara was lights out as a receiver in their last game, catching 10 of 10 targets for 71 yards and a touchdown. He also has averaged 5.5 yards per carry as a runner and will likely take the carries AP was getting.

RB — Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders
Salary — $5,000
Matchup — Los Angeles Chargers (28th OPRK)

The Chargers gave up 152 yards at 6.1 yards per carry to the Giants, one of the worst rushing teams in the league. Derek Carr might play, but regardless of who plays quarterback, the Raiders will want to establish the run game at home with a good matchup there. Lynch has mostly saved fantasy owners with touchdowns but he could reach triple digit yards for the first time this season.

WR — Chris Hogan, New England Patriots
Salary — $7,000
Matchup — New York Jets (14th OPRK)

Hogan has been as consistent as they come and is getting a ton of red zone opportunities. He is tied for second in the NFL in both targets and receptions in the red zone. He is in the top 25 of all receivers with 37 targets on the year. The Patriots love to throw the ball around and you can’t get much better than Hogan right now.

WR — Michael Crabtree, Oakland Raiders
Salary — $5,800
Matchup — Los Angeles Chargers (18th OPRK)

Crabtree is a monster fantasy option when the Raiders are at home. He is averaging 81 yards per game with four scores in two home games in 2017. Carr is expected to start but keep an eye on that and you might want to tweak it if Carr can’t go. Good options around the same price are DeSean Jackson, Terrelle Pryor or Danny Amendola.

WR — Marvin Jones Jr., Detroit Lions
Salary — $4,600
Matchup — New Orleans Saints

Jones doesn’t have a big yardage game in 2017 yet, but he’s coming off his season high in targets and yards and is facing a Saints defense that has struggled against good offenses this year. The Saints could look to slow down Golden Tate; Jones has to be take advantage of his match ups and I believe he will this week.

TE — Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots
Salary — $6,800
Matchup — New York Jets

I’m mostly paying up for Gronk because I had the leftover salary. It worries me that he gets injured all the time, but he took the week off in Week 5 and has had plenty of time to recover. Gronk has had at least four catches or 80 yards in the last three games he has played.

FLEX — Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs
Salary — $8,200
Matchup — Pittsburgh Steelers (30th OPRK)

I heard a crazy stat that if you took only Hunt’s second half rushing yards, he would still lead the league. That is absurd. The Chiefs are pounding the rock and rarely take him out of the game. The Steelers were just gashed by Fournette at home — this isn’t the Steelers defense you’re used to. Hunt has to be played until he has a poor week, and even probably still after that.

DST — Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Salary — $2,600
Matchup — Arizona Cardinals (22nd OPRK)

There are almost no defenses I like in Week 6, so I took the one that is going against a turnover happy offense. Arizona is one-dimensional, so the Bucs should have a relatively easy time slowing down the Cardinals.

Daily Fantasy Football

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