Bank Kicks Old Man Out – Police Officer Brings Him Back To Finish The Job

Growing old is something we’ll all do eventually, and retaining a sense of our human dignity and independence is a goal to strive toward. A 92-year-old man at a local Bank of America was attempting to do just that when the financial institution kicked him out.

The Montebello Police Department got a call from the bank to help out with an out-of-hand customer, but when they arrived all they found was an upset old man. Officer Robert Josett responded to the incident to find a 92-year-old man who was quite agitated.

After trying to withdraw money from his account, the elderly gentleman was denied due to an expired identification card. The officer was able to ascertain this information in a brief discussion with the customer, who was simply angry that the bank refused to help him out. Though the bank was merely abiding by its policies, the officer decided to do the right thing for this elderly man.

Instead of asking the senior to leave, Officer Josett drove the customer to the local Department of Motor Vehicles to get his new identification card. After that deed was done, the policeman drove this man back to the bank before it closed so that he could withdraw the funds he was attempting to access.

This post by the Montebello Police Department received a chorus of positivity from users who saw the story. It was shared and liked by thousands, with folks from all over shouting out their support for this good police work.

It’s been common practice to rip on law enforcement recently for the poor actions of the few rather than praising the admirable behavior of the many. This story only goes to show that most policemen understand their role in society to serve and protect. Thank you to Officer Josett for this heartwarming display of kindness.