12 Awesome Plays From Sunday's Week 4 Action in the NFL

The NFL has lots of good players, and some of them made good plays this weekend.

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The NFL is full of excellent players, and there may not be anything more exciting then when they make spectacular plays. Some of them defy logic, and some are the result of questionable plays by the opposing team, but no matter what the circumstance you can always enjoy a list of top plays. These are some of the best from Sunday’s games in the NFL for Week 4.

Bilal Powell 75-Yard TD Run

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the butt of many jokes, and they did something hilarious yet again here by letting Powell get up off the ground after going untouched and scoring a 75-yard touchdown.

Hunter Henry Incredible One-Handed Catch For TD

This is one of those plays that combined two separate incredible actions. First, catching the ball with one hand like that was awesome, but to also drag his feet while maintaining control of the football through the entire catch is next-level stuff. That’s the Henry the Chargers know and love.

New York Jets Pull Off Fake Punt

The Jets caught the Jaguars napping and pulled off this miraculous fake punt to get a first down. That punter should be playing quarterback somewhere!

Elijah McGuire 69-Yard TD Run

The Jets dominated the Jaguars on the ground with two huge runs for touchdowns. McGuire picked one heck of a way to score the first touchdown of his career.

Todd Gurley Catch and Run TD

Gurley gave the Los Angeles Rams their first lead against the Dallas Cowboys with this awesome catch and run up the seam for a score.

Myles Jack Fumble Return TD

Yes, the FOURTH big play from this Jets vs. Jaguars game. Anyone who thought this would be a boring game was sorely mistaken. Former UCLA linebacker AND running back Myles Jack scooped this fumble up and proved why he used to be a running back with this speed.

A.J. Derby Does His Best Odell Beckham Jr. Impression

Derby got the Denver Broncos on the board early with this incredible catch for a touchdown. The catch itself is pretty darn impressive. Maybe even more impressive is hauling it in with the one hand and still being able to keep the balance required to stay in bounds to run it in for the score.

Tyrell Williams 75-Yard TD Catch

Williams has been a deep threat for Philip Rivers for a while now, and they burned the Philadelphia Eagles‘ banged up secondary with this long play. Williams showed off his speed and Rivers put it right in stride, allowing him to keep running in for the score.

Johnny Holton 64-Yard TD Catch

The Oakland Raiders were without Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper was bottled up by Chris Harris Jr., so Derek Carr had to look for other options. He hit the undrafted free agent Horton for this big touchdown that kept the Raiders in the game.

LaGarrette Blount Goes Beast Mode

Blount has made a career of running through tackles. He took it to the next level against the Los Angeles Chargers with this beastly 68-yard run. This was the guy the Eagles knew they were getting when they signed him.

Tevin Coleman Lays Out For Catch

Coleman has always been talented enough for the Atlanta Falcons to deploy a two-back committee even though Devonta Freeman is the starter. Catches like this prove why.