Russell Wilson is the Freak Two-Way Athlete Every Kid Dreams of Being

The Seattle Seahawks took a chance on a small, under-appreciated quarterback out of the University of Wisconsin a few years back. Russell Wilson was constantly criticized for being too small to play his position, and some thought he would never pan out in the NFL.

Fast forward to 2018, and Wilson is one of the best overall quarterbacks in the league. He boasts two Super Bowl appearances, winning one of them, and has earned four trips to the Pro Bowl.

In 2013, Wilson was drafted by yet another professional sports team — this time, the Texas Rangers of the MLB. What kind of dream come true must that have been?

So, it appeared he had his pick between two major sports, but Wilson obviously continued to focus on football — great choice, of course.

Earlier this year, Wilson was traded to the New York Yankees in a minor deal that earned more publicity than it did hand claps from the Big Apple. Regardless, Wilson took it to heart and showed up to spring training — business as usual. What has happened in the few days since, though, is quite impressive.

Sure, it is just batting practice. But, Wilson can absolutely play the game. Not only can he play it, but he knows the game as well.

“I love watching winners win,” Russell Wilson told ESPN regarding his new team. “Loved seeing the process of why they won. The discipline it took. The passion of the fans. The energy they played with. The poise that they played with. Guys like Andy Pettitte. Guys like Derek Jeter and [Jorge] Posada.

“My great-uncle wears his Yankee hat every single day. He was a lawyer in New York for a long, long time. But he wears a Yankee hat every day, no matter where he goes. He comes to a Seahawks game, he’s wearing a Yankees hat.”

Wilson is also as competitive on the diamond as he is on the gridiron, to no one’s surprise. New York’s manager Aaron Boone gave Wilson the heads up that he’d be practicing with the second group on Tuesday.

“You better be on it today. I’m throwing you with the big boys,” said Boone.

The quarterback’s response was right on cue.

“They better be ready,” Wilson replied.

Thus far, it seems as though Wilson has impressed his new team. He isn’t taking this opportunity lightly, and he assured the media that this is no publicity stunt.

“Some people always, for me, get confused on ‘is this just a stunt’ or whatever. They don’t know me. If you really know me, baseball’s been part of my blood,” Wilson said. “When you see me make plays on the football field, a lot of that’s a direct correlation to baseball.”

Like he always has been, Wilson has remained classy on and off the field. He still continues to take time out of his day to interact with fans, and specifically, with children.

Whether or not Wilson ever steps onto the diamond as a pro remains to be seen. For now, his manager and teammates are just happy to have him at camp.

“He’s almost giddy. You can tell this is like the first day of school,” Boone said. “You can tell he’s genuinely excited to be here and to just be a part of our guys.”

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