LeBron James’ Comments On Dwyane Wade Joining Cleveland Cavaliers Will Take You Back To The Classroom

It’s official.

Dwyane Wade is joining the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As one can expect, LeBron James was pretty pumped up to hear about Wade becoming a member of the Cavaliers.

Here’s what King James had to say about the two teaming up once again:

Nailed it.

Everyone loves that feeling, and whether you’re a fan of LeBron (or the Cavs) or not, it’s pretty awesome to see two great friends joining forces once again.

The 2017-18 NBA season is going to be a wild ride in all the right ways thanks to all of the changes during the offseason.

No matter which team is crowned NBA champs at the end of the season, watching Wade and James playing ball together is going to be, as LeBron put it, “fun.”

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