Ranking The 5 Toughest Games Left On Clemson Tigers’ 2017 College Football Schedule

The Clemson Tigers look like a safe pick to make the playoff, but these teams do pose a threat.

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The Clemson Tigers have already passed two majors tests by knocking off the Auburn Tigers, who were ranked No. 13 at the time, and Louisville Cardinals, who were ranked No. 14 at the time, and they are currently beating the Virginia Tech Hokies, who are ranked No. 12, by the score of 17-3.

After three impressive victories over ranked foes (assuming Clemson holds off Virginia Tech), it would appear that the defending national champs are a safe pick to make the College Football Playoff yet again. However, strange things tend to happen in college football on a yearly basis, meaning no squad is safe from an upset standpoint.

While it would not be a surprise if Clemson made it back to the playoff untouched, Dabo Swinney’s team does have some tests remaining, such as the five contests below.

5. Oct. 28 vs. Georgia Tech
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Clemson, for the most part, has already played its toughest competition yet — well, at least from a ranked-opponent standpoint since the Tigers don’t have a single ranked team, at the time, left on their schedule. With that said, they realistically shouldn’t have any problems against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, who are 3-1 on the season.

4. Nov. 4 @ NC State
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After losing the first contest of the season, the North Carolina State Wolfpack have strung together four victories in a row, which included a W over the Florida State Seminoles on the road (ranked No. 12 at the time). Translation: This one could get interesting.

3. Nov. 11 vs. Florida State
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The Seminoles entered 2017 with high expectations (and College Football Playoff dreams), but that came to a screeching halt when they lost quarterback Deondre Francois for the season. Now, Florida State is 1-2, and searching for an identity without its star quarterback. This game won’t be played until Nov. 11, so it remains to be seen if Florida State can bounce back in some form, and what kind of team it will be (such as a top-25er) by the time these two meet.

2. Nov. 25 @ South Carolina
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Anything, no matter how strange, can happen in a rivalry game, and that’s probably what the South Carolina Gamecocks are hoping for on Nov. 25. Clemson will take the road for this regular-season finale.

1. ACC Title Game Opponent
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Assuming Clemson makes the ACC title game, it could take on a team like the Miami Hurricanes, who are undefeated and have their own College Football Playoff dreams. Of course, a lot can happen now until then. Still, if the Tigers do make the ACC title game, you would have to imagine it would be against a quality challenger … like Miami.