Seattle Seahawks Players Start Donation Fund For ‘Equality And Justice For All’

Donald Trump‘s comments last week launched a full scale display of unity in the NFL, with players, coaches and owners all showing some form of togetherness during the national anthem. It seemed as though the message was more the NFL vs. Trump, rather than what Colin Kaepernick started his initial protest for. It’s about fighting racism and injustice in the legal system. The Seattle Seahawks are trying to gear the message back to that with this recent news.

If you can’t see the tweet for whatever reason, it reads: “In an effort to create lasting change and build a more compassionate and inclusive society, we are launching the Seahawks Players Equality & Justice for All Action Fund to support education and leadership programs addressing equality and justice. We invite you to join us in donating and taking action.” — The Players of the Seattle Seahawks.

This goes beyond the silent protests. It is the players using their voice and their platform to enact positive change. They should be commended for their efforts, even if you disagree with the premise of the fund.

“First, we wanted to do something actionable, we wanted to have an action item,” receiver Doug Baldwin said. “We’ve had a lot of requests from people outside of the building of, ‘How can I help, where can I donate, how can I do my part?’ So we wanted to give them a place to do that, but also players have an opportunity to do so as well.”

Corner Richard Sherman also said the fund is about setting an example for others.

“I think it’s imperative. The way things are, you want to be a shining example of what things could and how people could come together, and how it looks when people do come together and unite as one, and don’t look at skin color, don’t look at gender, don’t look at anything but the quality of someone’s character. We’re trying to do our best to be that example.”

Well done, Seahawks. Follow this link if you would like to donate to the cause.

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