Kyrie Irving Drops New Shoes And A Special Message All In One Instagram Post

Kyrie Irving is having a phenomenal first season with the Boston Celtics.

Not only is he putting up rather impressive stats (24 points, 4.9 assists and 3.0 rebounds per game) but the Celtics are also at the top of the Eastern Conference standings with a 24-6 record. Not to mention, Irving has been putting on a show on a nightly basis thanks to his insane dribbling skills.

Nonetheless, Irving dropped a new shoe on Instagram. In the process, he also dropped a special message.

Here’s what Irving revealed, if you will, in the Instagram post:

Closing the chapter on the Kyrie 3, and starting a new with the Kyrie 4. And I sit here and realize that although there is constant division and misunderstandings of actions and emotions going on daily(every moment), OUR world is far greater when we collectively realize that the true power and unwavering belief in ourselves is far more powerful than anyone else’s belief. Culture that power, learn it, understand it, and teach others through your actions: creating, educating yourself, being who you are truthfully, respecting others individual intent and journeys, Whatever that individual purpose is, fulfill it soulfully without letting anything knock you down or deter you. We all need it. We all need US as ONE, filled with incredible individuality without judgement. It’s about love and teaching, and ultimately showing respect without wondering whether or not it’ll be given back because you always show gratitude regardless. I always give that to everything I do and I only hope we all do the same. All Love, the new chapter begins.

And, of course, here’s a picture of his new shoes:

According to ESPN, “While many players write personal messages on their shoes from time to time, Irving has made his personal tributes an integral part of his signature line, providing unique insight into the person behind the basketball player.”

Those touches will come together this weekend with the release of the Kyrie S1 Hybrid, a remix of his first three signature sneakers into a single model. The new shoe includes details from his upbringing and family cues that have carried through the series, all of which have helped make the Kyrie line Nike’s best-selling basketball sneaker.

“There’s some constants here for Kyrie,” said Leo Chang, Nike Basketball’s design director.

Each of Irving’s sneakers features a callout to his mother’s name on the shoe, along with a “JBY” inscription, an ode to the phrase of encouragement she’d often tell Kyrie.

“‘Just Be You’ is the motto I live by every single day, because I’m happy to be an individual. I celebrate it,” Irving said. “I think that everyone should celebrate their individuality. In our culture today, everyone is always wanting to put the other person down for trying something different, or trying something new. As for me, I want it to be celebrated. It’s a beautiful thing.”

While we love to watch Uncle Drew tear it up on the court (he is arguably the best dribbler of all time, after all), it’s always nice to see what players like Irving do off the court, from giving back to the community to dropping special messages such as the one above.

Nonetheless, Irving’s above message is something we can all likely relate to.

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