Grizzlies’ Chandler Parsons Shares Epic Pre-Game Text Message From Mom

Moms are awesome. There’s a reason they have a day all to themselves. Whether they’re cooking up an awesome dinner, kissing our booboos, or sending us inspirational text messages before sporting events, moms always know how to make our lives just that much better.

Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons‘ mom is no exception.

In fact, she may be more awesome than your mom is. That may sound asinine, but just listen.

On Thursday, prior to the Grizzlies’ showdown with the Phoenix Suns, Parsons posted a screenshot of a pre-game text message his mom sent to him via Instagram stories. Not only does it sound exactly like something any awesome mom would say, but it certainly has to have gotten Parsons pumped for the game. Seriously, Momma Parsons killed it. Here’s the text:

Hey, just wanted to say “Good Luck” tonight! Time to take charge and whoop-up on the Suns! Grizzlies need the win! Come out energized!!!! Shoot with confidence! Be my lean mean shooting and rebounding machine! You do great when you stop and pop, seems that’s when you put the most arc on the ball! Love the steals and break away dunks too! I’ll be watching. Love you

There’s so much to love about that message. It’s difficult to imagine how many times his Memphis teammates are going to call him “lean mean shooting and rebounding machine” now. Momma Parsons also seems to have a great grasp of the game — probably from all the years of watching her son play. More than anything, her words are just so moving. Seriously, she should be an inspirational speaker or something.

As it turns out, this isn’t a new practice for Parsons’ mom.

Parsons also shared another text message early this year, back in January prior to a contest between the Grizzlies and Houston Rockets. That time, she not only gave her son some encouragement, but she also had some advice on guarding James Harden. It’s classic Momma Parsons, as you’ll see below:

Hello my love. “Good luck” tonight! Come out aggressive! Drive strong & hard to the basket! Don’t reach in on Harden! He’s a sneaky fellow, drawing fouls. He usually always gets those calls too! Rockets are gonna come to Memphis with a major chip on their shoulders! Play solid “D”. Shoot with confidence! Put arc on the ball. Unfortunately we’ll be watching the game a little late. Love & miss you bunches

You just have to appreciate the specific pointers and coaching, the way only moms who love their NBA sons can accomplish. Not only does she call Harden a “sneaky fellow,” but she makes sure to remind Parsons to not shoot flat. It’s beautiful. The best part, however, may be the fact that she rats herself out in a way, letting him know that they won’t be watching live.

It’s the honesty, sincerity and candidness that makes these interactions between Parsons and his mom first class.

Here’s a photo of Momma Parsons, to provide some further context:

With everything that goes on in the world of sports, it’s often easy to overlook the fact that these athletes are still human. They still have personal lives, and family members who love and appreciate them no matter what they do. This is a perfect example of a mother standing by her son and rooting for him even if fans and fantasy owners haven’t exactly been pleased with the recent results.

Parsons may not be the most popular player out there. He may also receive some flack for the lack of success he’s enjoyed since coming to Memphis. When it all comes down to it, though, he’s someone’s son who goes out and plays to the best of his ability. Momma Parsons should be proud.

H/T to ForTheWin