Carson Wentz Surprises Dutch Destroyer’s Family On The Field After Eagles Win

Carson Wentz is on top of the world right now. He has led the Philadelphia Eagles to a 6-1 record, best in the NFL, and leads the league with 17 touchdown passes. On the field, there isn’t much more he could be doing.

But that isn’t enough for the North Dakota State graduate. Not wanting to do the story any kind of injustice, you have to watch this piece on the relationship between Wentz and a young Eagles fan who, in his youth football league, had earned the nickname the Dutch Destroyer.

After getting to thank Carson for sending him a message while he was in the hospital, Lukas Kusters lost his battle with cancer. The touching story aired over this past weekend and the family attended the Monday Night Football game against the Washington Redskins.

As he has since they met, Wentz was wearing the Dutch Destroyer bracelet.

He also gave the lifelong Eagles family something they will cherish forever. After the victory, Wentz was able to deliver the football from the touchdown pass he threw to Zach Ertz as well as the hat off his head.

Wentz had the following to say after meeting with the family after the game.

“They’re just a special family,” Wentz said. “It’s impacted me in a big way. I was thrilled that they could be here. The youngest one, that was his first Eagles game. So I told him he better keep coming back. It’s always nice to have [Lukas] on my wrist. It’s a constant reminder that it’s so much bigger than football.”

Many consider Carson Wentz to be the MVP of the NFL right now. It would be hard to argue from a statistical and team result standpoint alone. This story is icing on the cake and makes it nearly impossible to root against him.

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