5 SEC Teams That Could Actually Upset Alabama Crimson Tide In 2017 College Football Season

While the 2017 college football season remains wide open from a who-can-still-make-the-playoff standpoint, the Alabama Crimson Tide are favorites to do two things: (1) Win the SEC championship, and (2) make the College Football Playoff.

With that in mind, life in college football can be brutal for even the best of teams, especially when playing on the road, and the five teams that follow have the talent to take down ‘Bama. Now, it’s important to keep this in mind: The Crimson Tide probably aren’t going to lose to all of the teams below, because that would just be crazy talk; however, these teams all have a real shot against No. 1.

Note: So much remains a mystery this year for the simple fact that the 2017 football season is still young, but here’s what we do know: Alabama is ranked No. 1 in the sport with a 4-0 record.

Texas A&M Aggies
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The Texas A&M Aggies could — and probably should — be ranked in the top 25 right now. Unfortunately, they blew a big lead against the UCLA Bruins in Game No. 1 of 2017. Still, and like stated earlier, life on the road in this sport is tough, especially in the SEC, and the Crimson Tide will have to travel on the road to play Texas A&M on Oct. 7.

LSU Tigers
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LSU vs. Alabama is always a must-watch matchup as these teams have had some high-stakes games in the past, to say the least. As for this LSU Tigers team, it entered 2017 by being ranked as high as No. 12 in the polls, but is currently ranked No. 22 thanks to a 37-7 loss against the Mississippi State Bulldogs (more from them later). With dates with SEC foes like the Florida Gators and Auburn Tigers looming, this year’s edition of LSU vs. Alabama could either have playoff dreams on the line … or not — it just depends on if the Tigers can start winning football games against ranked opponents.

Mississippi State Bulldogs
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Now back to Mississippi State. The Bulldogs, as mentioned in the previous slide, have a big win over LSU, but they also lost big against the Georgia Bulldogs by the score of 31-3. No matter what Mississippi State’s record is entering the clash with ‘Bama, Nick Saban‘s squad will have to play the Bulldogs on the road…

Auburn Tigers
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As is typically the case when the Auburn Tigers and Crimson Tide meet up, the Iron Bowl should have SEC West title hopes on the line. Unfortunately for the Crimson Tide, they will be the ones traveling on the road for this big-stage clash. This Tigers team is, at the time of writing, ranked as high as No. 13, its lone loss came against the Clemson Tigers by the score of 14-6 and it has plenty of ranked opponents on the schedule before it can even think about Alabama.

SEC Title Game Opponent
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Alabama has rocked the SEC title game in recent memory, but in terms of this year, a team like the Bulldogs, who are ranked in the top 10, and are, for all it’s worth, the only undefeated team in the SEC East, could give the Crimson Tide quite the battle. Another big candidate to make this game: The Florida Gators. With that in mind, Alabama has a long road before it can even think about this game, and the same thing goes for Georgia, Florida and every other team in the SEC.